In Memoriam

Keith E. Sparks, Jr.

May 9, 1930 - January 20, 2015

In loving memory of a father that planted the idea in his 17 year old son’s head that he too, could be a Chauffeur. In 1987, we became the first father/son driving team for Yellow Limousine Service in Louisville, KY. If not for his encouragement and confidence in his prodigy, Lake Cumberland Limousine would likely not be.

Keith was a Louisville Male High School graduate, Class of 1948, University of Louisville graduate, Class of 1956, United States Air Force Korean War Veteran, 1950-1954 and 31 year Supervisory Retiree of Ford Motor Cos. Louisville Assembly Plant.

He made Lake Cumberland a family mainstay beginning in 1964 after weekend camping trips boating and fishing with his brother Malcolm, naming Alligator Dock #1 home away from home. He was an avid golfer, member of the Male High 50 year Club, and University of Louisville Alumni Associations.

The photo to the left, taken in 1989, proves the real tradition in Chauffeuring, one tradition that, for me, became Lake Cumberland Limousine.

Rest in Peace, until we drive again, Pop……

Your Son, Kent

LIMO: #3682
CHBUS: #4040
USDOT: #2782105